by Rent Strike

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Rent Strike is proud to present RENT STRIKE!!
Our triumphant explosion into the realm of folk punk is a 13 track, 38 minute long tribute to all things disgusting and uncouth.
Jonmb is joined on this album by Green Jeans on the Accordion, Singing Saw and Occasional Yells, and Eric on the Washboard.


released July 21, 2014

Jonmb - Singer. Songwriter. Banjo. Vox.
Green Jeans - Accordion. Singing Saw. Yells.
Eric - Washboard
Produced and recorded with help from Buddy Linkous and Dave Bell in Fort Collins CO
Album art by the wonderful and talented Marissa Sendejas




Rent Strike Lansing Charter Township, Michigan

Lansing MI based acoustic punk rock

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Track Name: Person I am Not
well i was in the hospital a year ago today
since then a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same
they said i have a problem, a problem in my brain
that makes me feel so sad and put these needles in my vein
well its true that i might die someday in a hotel room or an alleyway
but we all gotta die someday and that shouldnt bring you down
i got one finger on this life and someday i willl hold it tight
i swear to god tonights the night we burn this fucking town
and i got a feeling thats living in my heart
its restless and it weighs a lot
sometimes it takes over and everything gets dark
and im haunted by the person i am not
the person with a stable mind who cuts himself some slack sometimes
and isnt scared of when he dies and practices what he'll preach
but for now i'll pour another shot for that perfect person i am not
that restless feeling's all i got and that's good enough for me
and i was born twenty years ago by now
to my loving patient mother and my dad
and i cant help it if i always let them down
and remind them of the son they couldve had
one step forward and two steps back, the way i live is like a dance
and that dance is going nowhere fast and i cant stop once i start
ill never be that better man or any other kind of man
im learning to love the way i am but its really fucking hard
Track Name: Farce of July
we got terraformed hills and plastic trees
machines to replace all the honey bees
we got oil rigs stickin up outta the sea
working towards the next catastrophe
we got bionic limbs and robotic brains
people homesteading outer space
we've made a lot of progress as a human race
but our lives and our planet is the price we're gonna pay
we got methadone for all the addicts who crave
artificial ways of staying sane
genetically modified fruits and grain
chemicals to treat the cancer we create
we got riot gear and atom bombs
we got our ways to make you talk
unaware of how we control your thoughts
we'll get what we want and we're not gonna stop..
cause the future is here and i'm fucking scared
it aint just and it aint fair
and a consumer society is never gonna care
til we can't consume the water and we can't consume the air
and all the rights they take away
and all the ways they subjugate
and how willingly we became their slaves
oh no one's gonna care til its too late
can't sleep? we got a pill for that
pills to take if you think you're fat
pills to crush up and feed your brat
til he's dead inside just like mom and dad
and we'll hawk those pills on the tv sets
convince the confused that they're depressed
speed through the list of side effects
talk to your doctor! we're cutting his checks
we got our mega churches and huge estates
sirloin steaks on china plates
hearts full of greed and full of hate
with a stamp that reads 'made in USA'
we're shittin out babies and we're so damn proud
when they're old enough to drive the hoverround
and the little boxes we've got now
look just the same as everybody else
cos the future is here and im terrified
everyone my age looks dead inside
become a husk by the age of twenty five
its the american way, jesus christ boy have some pride!
get a gun, cos that'll totally stop
our governments army of crooked cops
doesn't fucking matter if youre a pretty good shot'
theyll get what they want and they're not gonna stop
cos the future is here and ive got no doubt
our problems are gonna be hard to surmount
but our time and our options are running out
we gotta change what we can and we gotta do it now.
Track Name: Jail Song
judge not lest ye be judged by every single person on this earth who has a heart
and pay mind to those you lock up and remember every singe family you tore apart
and every singe dirty kid youve taken off the street for the upper class' sake still has a bleeding heart that beats
and every single penny you make probationers pay will reflect poorly on your record if and when there is a judgment day
as long as there is a soul in prison, i am not free
needless incarceration is a plague on society
careful when you cruise around with lights blue and red on your car black and white
and careful when you draw your gun, the people that you kill should be the ones who say what's wrong and what is right
careful when you lie in bed and think before you sleep, you might begin to realize your life is incomplete
if the only thoughts inside your head are the ones your system gave to you, careful or you'll start to think up your own definition of the truth
as long as there is a soul in prison, i am not free
but heartless judges and crooked cops are all that i can see
so spare me the lecture of how you've got power over me because this jail belongs to you
i'd like to see you shit your stripes and make tallies of the nights that you spend crying through your window at the moon
and finally feel the hate we feel towards cops and magistrates
and understand there is no hope for you to rehabilitate
yourself or anybody else from inside of an eight-by-eight
you'll spend every waking moment on your ass in fear of prison rape
as long as there is a soul in prison, i am not free
we can burn the jails down and rid the world of inequality
Track Name: Splinter Song
Scream into the ether, what a feeling! But it's fleeting
When mistakes I make and hate are the mistakes I keep repeating
My generation thinks that it's exempt from expectation
Zombified and dead inside from all the pills that we have taken
But I don't care, I don't care, I don't care no I'll never fucking care
Inside out and backwards, upside down I hang from rafters
I am vapid and distracted groping blindly for an answer
Or a straw that I can grasp, but ya know I gotta ask
Do any of you have a clue or are you talking out your ass?
But I don't care...
I been digging out my splinters one by one
Splinters such as loneliness and splinters such as love
I'll get on my feet again but I'll be walking with a limp
These splinters in my soul have fucked me up
No gods! No masters! Under thumbs of rotten bastards
That have taken and forsaken and made this whole world a disaster
I am helpless, I am weak, I am shouting from the streets
They are wizards! They are lizards! And you've elected them to lead
But I don't care...
And I'm stuck in the matrix, I don't think that I can fake it
A hologram is all I am, I got a feeling and I can't shake it
Or a brain in a vat in some fucked up science lab
Attached to wires, you're the liars, you're the fucking holograms!
but i don't care...
I been digging out my splinters one by one
splinters such as nervousness and splinters such as trust
I'll get on my feet again though I'll be walking with a limp
these splinters in my soul have fucked me up